Why Managed Services?

Time is our most important asset and using time efficiently is what we all strive for. Having the right people doing the right job is a key to this. Anyone working in a building has a legal duty no matter the size to make sure it is safe and fit for purpose and legal. Chasing suppliers and contractors for repairs and maintenance is a very time consuming and sometimes frustrating responsibility. Having all your requirements with one company is the answer.

Managing your services and planning your maintenances in line with legal and statutory requirements leaves a client free to concentrate on their own business while we make sure your business premises are running smoothly and safely. Having a 24 hour call out facility for emergencies also gives comfort to all our clients.

Disaster recovery and back up systems are essential to many of our clients. Included in our services is the maintenance of Generators, UPS systems and other bespoke ancillary systems. We arrange the testing and maintenance of the back up systems along with full disaster recovery planning.

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